afford to retire

After the worst recession since the early 20th century, millions of Americans are trying to rebuild their shattered finances. Countless families have seen their savings slashed by falling real estate prices, plummeting retirement portfolios and various unexpected expenses. According to a recent study commissioned by the Consumer Federation of America, nearly two in five American [...]

paying bills

The finances of millions of middle class American families are increasingly tenuous. During the past few years, regular folks across the country have been hit by one financial storm after another. The housing crisis arrived first and devastated the net worth of the average American family. Next came the financial crisis of 2008, which forced [...]

If you're like many people who routinely struggle with significant amounts of debt, you may believe that debt relief isn't for "people like you." You might imagine that only powerful business leaders, well-connected politicians and slick corporations can qualify for debt reduction services on their own terms. Fortunately, this assessment is dead wrong. In fact, [...]

Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt

These days, far too many people are stuck in a distressing cycle of credit card debt. With a weak economy and plenty of underhanded lenders looking to take advantage of regular folks, it's only logical that millions of Americans should struggle with this nefarious problem. If you're dealing with debt troubles of your own, you [...]

Although it's not hard to see how debt affects the finances and family lives of millions of hard-working members of the American middle class, it's surprisingly difficult to see it coming. In fact, many folks who swear that they're in good financial shape suddenly find themselves dealing with a mountain of outstanding debts. In recent [...]

If you find yourself dealing with a toxic mix of credit card bills, medical debts and other unsecured loans, you've probably thought about seeking help for your troubles. As you may know, there are several different types of debt relief services that are designed with folks like you in mind. These forms of debt relief [...]

Debt has a funny way of affecting folks who least expect it. Unless you're well-attuned to its warning signs, you could find yourself in a big mess of debt trouble in surprisingly short order. As in many other areas of life, it's best to take preventive action to ensure that your debts never become overwhelming. [...]

As more Americans struggle with debt than ever before, credit debt consolidation has become a hot topic. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you've probably seen TV spots or billboards for various services that claim to be able to reduce and simplify your debts in astonishingly short periods of [...]

Millions of middle-class Americans already struggle with tremendous burdens of credit card debt. If you don't want to join them, you'll need to do everything in your power to spend your money smartly. Depending on the current state of your finances, it might take just a few missteps to plunge you into a spiral of [...]

Choosing The Best Debt Solution

Debt comes in all shapes and sizes. Although millions of Americans currently struggle with credit-related problems, no two debt burdens are exactly alike. For some folks, the culprit is a massive burden of student loans. For others, it's an expensive mortgage that's attached to a virtually worthless house. No matter what form your personal burden [...]